Business Scope

 Business Scope :

  Bid Document Binding ( Edition Binding, Glue Binding, Punch Binding)

 Genuine Painting ( Display Board, Roll up Banner)

 Color Output (Colorful Laser Printing, Impression Drawing)

 Digital Business Card (Four-color Card, Unicolor Card)

 Delicate Making (PVC, PMMC, Medal)

 Digital Quick Printing ( Common Paper, Chrome Paper)

Bid Document
What is bid document?
Bid Document Making
Cover of bid document
Stylebook of bid document
Format of bid document
Fourteen questions about the process of bid document making
Gold-carved binding, Silver-carved binding
Model picture of bid document
Five knacks for succeeding in bid
the nearest binding company from away the “Guang Yun” restaurant
   Gold-carved Binding                       
Silver-carved Binding 



Authentic Print Digital the centre of layout & design of text

  Our company professionally deals in the designing and making of text and picture, include: Binding of Bid Document, Genuine Painting, Color Output, Digital Business Card, Digital Quick Print.

  Since documents and files are the representation of strength and the embodiment of image of a corporation. Increasing opportunity of succeeding can be given by a delicately made document which is quite our strong suit. We have carried out more than ten kinds of binding operation. Bindings made with the international standard characterized by firm, slinky, individual which are the trends of the developing in the binding field can satisfy various requirements.

  We will wholeheartedly offer quick, effective, passional, circumspect service for all the corporations!

Binding of Bid Document
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